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The Easiest (and Quickest) Scrap Buster

Time to up-level your projects! And this will take minimal time and tiny bit of fabric! This will be quick!

You will need:

Scraps of fabric with some fun images

Buttons to cover with fabric


Glue for magnets

The buttons and magnets can be found at any craft store.

The button kit comes with a template for the circle and the doo-hickey to put them together. Follow the instructions on the packaging to put the buttons together. A quick note - I like to run a hand-stitch around the circle of fabric and pull it loosely to center the image on the front of the button. The backs of the buttons have a shank. If you want to make a magnet, some button sets come with backs that have no shank. Otherwise you can pull the shank out with some needle-nosed pliers. The magnets just get glued on the back of the button.

These are fun and simple to do. The magnets can be used on refrigerators, on a memo board, lockers, offices and anywhere you need to post a note. The buttons can be used on coats, jackets, bags, hats, shirts and just for fun!

Have fun and Quilt with joy!

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