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I am Caroline Knox. I am a professional quilt maker and pattern designer with over 20 years of creating and designing quilts for family, friends and clients. Quilting is a labor of love and I want to share it with everyone by making it easy and fun. CDKSTUDIOS is here to help spread the joy and love of quiltmaking.


I am a graphic artist by training. I was an Art Director for many years. Now, designing quilt patterns is my medium and my creative outlet. I designed and quilted Christmas stockings for my family. Everyone in my family has received a custom quilt I created especially for them. I enjoy sewing and designing for the people I love. 


I have quilted for clients for many years. I've made a LOT of T-shirt quilts. I developed my own process  for making T-shirt quilts and presented these techniques many times to quilt guilds. I also love to teach others how to quilt. Sharing the joy of these projects is why I created patterns from my original designs. 


My sisters and I learned to sew  from our mother, Shirley. She taught us how to make crafts and clothes. I was also influenced by my Aunt Ruenell who learned to sew out of necessity as a child. When I was younger, she owned a fabric store. I remember the first quilts she showed me from my great grandmother, hand stitched from cotton remnants and bleached flour sacks. The stories behind those quilts were filled with a richness that made me realize they were actually a piece of history. The simple blocks that have outlived the careful hands that created those quilts are my inspiration. What is your inspiration?

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