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Scrap Buster Series!

Since the nice weather is coming I thought I would highlight a series of fun, small projects that can help use your scraps and your stash of fabrics. Some of these require very little fabric, others require no more than a fat quarter. And, bonus, I will give you basic instructions for each little project so you have nothing to purchase!

The first project I wanted to do was a Matching Game. I was going to use my stash of novelty fabrics and fussy cut double images to create the game. However, on Saturday I was at a Teacher Showcase at my local quilt shop and they highlighted the perfect fabric for this project. It is the Wild North from Windham Fabrics. The panel is about 1/2 yard and has 12 different forest animal images and there are two of each. For the backing I purchased the same amount of a coordinating fabric from the collection.

Instead of cutting them all apart, I left them as a panel. Here's how I put them together:

  1. Layer the batting, backing and the panel, in that order. Make sure the backing and panel fabrics are right sides together.

  2. Pin to baste.

  3. Stitch around the squares. Leave a 1 1/2" - 2" opening on each square.

  4. Trim the batting close to the stitching line. Trim the fabric 1/4" from the stitching line.

  5. Turn each square right side out.

  6. Push the corners out and pin sides of square if needed.

  7. Press and stitch around the outside edge of each square and you're done!

If you want to use your stash of novelty fabrics, choose a square size that the largest image will fit in and use that for all the squares. Make a template being sure to add the 1/4" seam allowance. Fussy cut each of the images to be centered on the square. (Make sure you have 2 of each image.) Lay the squares out on your backing fabric (right sides together.) Then lay that on top of a piece of batting that will fit all the squares and stitch 1/4" around each square leaving a 1 1/2" - 2" opening. Turn them right side out and press. Stitch around the oudtside edge of each square. Done!

Keep watching to find more small, scrap busting projects. They are fun, easy and fast so you don't miss a minute of the nice weather! Please send pictures of your projects and I'll post them!

Quilt with joy!


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