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Scrappy Happy

This project will make you happy - with all the different looks you can get from this technique! It's simple and really uses those scraps - no matter what width they are.

I'm giving you basic instructions, but this will help you understand the technique. Here is what you'll need:

  • Cotton Cording (Must be all cotton)

  • Strips of fabric (1" or less - and they don't need to be even or straight!)

  • Pins

  • Walking foot

  • #80 or #90 Machine needle

1. Start by cutting 1" strips of fabric. These can come from your stash or you can cut up scraps. They don't need to be straight or any particular length.

2. Wrap the end of the cotton cording and stitch in place.

3. Wrap the strip of fabric diagonally around the cotton cording. When you have 6"-7" wrapped hold it in place with a pin.

4. Curl the starting end that you covered into a circle, wrapping about 3 times.

5. Use a straight stitch to make an "X" on the circle to keep it in place

6. Set your machine to a wide open zig zag and stitch so the zig zag catches two coils. Stitch pressing the coils together until you have about 3" of wrapped cord. Note that the fabric won't be smooth or without tucks and folds. That is OK.

7. To add another strip, just lay the new strip on the end of the previous strip and continue wrapping and stitching.

8. Continue until you have the disc as large as you want.

9. Finish by cutting the cotton cording at a sharp angle and wrapping the end in the fabric strip. Stitch to the end of the fabric.

To make a bowl, make the bottom of the the bowl whatever size you want. Then start to angle the coils as you stitch. As the bowl gets larger it will be easier to stitch.-

There are lots of ways to use this technique. You can make trivets, purses, table runners, containers - even rugs! Make your project an oval or square shape. You can see more ways to use this technique in the book: It's a Wrap by Susan Breier and published by That Patchwork Place.

Have fun with this technique and if you have never tried it - there isn't much to it! Try it!

Quilt with joy!


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