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Meet Joni

For the Love of Thread: Joni Gaines' passion for Quilting and Teaching

Quilting has been strong in the crafting world for a long time. Many quilters like to make the tops, but don't know where to start the final part of the quilt - the quilting itself! Enter Joni! She is the creative force behind the emerging business: For the Love of Thread. Joni's business is more than just a quilting enterprise; it's a community of quilters of all skill levels who come together to learn, create and share this beautiful craft.

What sets For the Love of Thread apart is Joni"s commitment to educating others. She believes that anyone can learn to quilt, no matter what kind of sewing machine they have or how large the project. Her classes cater to all levels from beginners who have never quilted to seasoned quilters looking to hone their craft. Joni's approach is hands-on and personalized ensuring that each student receives the guidance they need to succeed.

July is when she will hold her FMQ 101 class. (Free Motion Quilting 101). This is a FREE two-week class. In this class you will learn how to set up your machine, correctly set the tension, choose thread, choose a motif and get your quilt ready to quilt yourself. She will also be giving away prizes! You will learn so much - you'll never want to send out your quilts for someone else to quilt again!

Beyond the technical skills, Joni emphasizes the importance of community in quilting. Her workshops are not just about quilting, but about connecting with others who share the same passion. Joni's welcoming nature fosters an environment where everyone feels comfortable and inspired. You'll be surprised at how much you can learn and the confidence you can gain with Joni's guidance. Don't forget to sign up for her FREE class quickly, as spaces are filling up!

You can sign up and find Joni online at:

On Facebook at: loveofthread

And Instagram at: @loveofthread

Keep an eye out for Joni in the Fall Edition of Quilts Fast and Easy!

"So my promise to you is to inspire you to create beautiful quilts in an uplifting community." -Joni Gaines

Caroline Knox

Quilt With Joy!

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