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Cool Off Already!

This project is really chill!

This will keep you cool all summer - make it and keep it in the freezer for when you need some relief. I made a cold pack for myself years ago and I still use it to this day. Here's how to make one for yourself...

Start with muslin - it doesn't need to be pretty. Cut it to 10" x 15". Fold it in half lengthwise and stitch (1/4") one short side and along the long side. Leave the second short side open. Fill it with about 3 cups of dry rice. This can be cheap rice and it should fill the muslin tube about halfway. Fold the raw edge of the second short side to the inside. Stitch the second short side closed- use a smaller stitch length. (I also run a second line of stitching for good measure!)

Next, find a nice soft piece of fabric - you can use a quilting cotton. (If you want to use a minky fabric or fleece just put it in a plastic baggie when freezing it so it won't freeze to other things in your freezer.) Make sure that any fabric you use for the outside cover has been pre-washed! The idea is to put the rice-filled muslin inside the cover so you can wash the cover if it gets dirty.

Cut the cover piece 10 1/4" x 17". Fold one 10 1/4" side under 1/4" to the wrong side and stitch it down. Fold the same side over again (to the wrong side) 1 1/2" and press. Fold the cover in half lengthwise with right sides together. (The folded-over part should be showing.) Leaving the folded-over end open, stitch along the long side and the first short side. Stitch a large zig zag along the raw edges to keep them from unraveling. Turn right side out.

Put the rice-filled muslin in the cover and tuck it under the flap. Place in the freezer to keep it cold and ready! You can make these longer if you like. I use mine for neck pain, sinus pain and hand pain...and sometimes to just cool off! They also make great gifts!

Quilt with joy!


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