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A Banner Day!

Scrap Buster no.5

This week's post is made to help you celebrate! I created this banner to use (and reuse) to celebrate graduations and birthdays. You can stitch "CONGRATULATIONS" on it or a name or leave it with nothing - but use fun, colorful fabrics to make it stand out! Read on to see how to make this banner part of your celebrations...

For this project you will need:

  • Pellon SF101 Woven, fusible interfacing (found at most craft stores - JoAnns and Michaels)

  • Fat 1/8th pieces of fabric or a minimum of 13" x 9" pieces of fabric

  • 3/8" grograin ribbon - as long as you want your banner to be

  • White fabric if you want text on your banner

  • Fusible web if you want to add text on your banner

Make a pattern for the flags. The top is 8" wide and it is 11" long. Draw a "T" on a piece of paper. The top of the "T" is 8" wide. The stem of the "T" is 11" long. From there draw a line from the left side of the 8" line to the bottom of the 11" line. Do the same on the right side. No need for seam allowances.

Lay the pattern on your chosen fabrics. Cut about 1/4" larger than the pattern.

Lay these flag pieces Right Side Up on the fusible side of the interfacing. They can touch, but not overlap. Set the heat on your iron according to the instructions and press. Be careful not to press on the spaces where the adhesive is visible - it can mess up your iron!

Trim to size using the pattern.

Optional: If you are adding letters to the flags enlarge to be 5 1/2" high. Use a font that is thick so it will read well from a distance. Print the letters in REVERSE. Trace the letters onto the paper side of the fusible web. Press it onto the wrong side of the white fabric for the letters. Cut out the letters and press onto the right side of the flag (usually one letter per flag.) Once pressed onto the flag stitch a small zig zag stitch around each letter. (BONUS: If you want the alphabet I used, click the link below for a free traceable pattern!)

Leaving about 18" at the end of the grograin ribbon start stitching the flags onto the ribbon with a wide zig zag. You can trim the corners of the top of each flag so that they touch (see photo.). Leave another 18" after the last flag is stitched on.

This is a picture of my family celebrating with banners at a park pavilion last summer!

These are really fun to make and to decorate with! Make them in school colors, random prints, or whatever you like! Please send photos of your banners! I can't wait to see how you celebrate with your banner

Quilt with joy!


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