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Let's Get Back to Celebrating!

The past year and half has been REALLY rough! We have never been through such an event as a global pandemic. It has filled us with frustration, anger, anxiety, sadness and all of us isolated from our support network of friends and family - and even co-workers. It seemed like we would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us hunkered down and got our "quilt on". We made masks by the hundreds and used up scraps or ordered fabric online. I was one of those essential workers. If I had 30 minutes to spare, I made masks - first for myself and family and then for my co-workers. Sewing was the only thing I could do that would keep my mind focused and not go crazy! I let my fledgling business stand shaking on that branch - too scared (or too anxious) to take flight.

Now things are starting to open up again. Even though so much of our lives have changed the way we go about our day, I am braver and ready to take that first leap of faith with my new business.

I hope that you will go on that journey with me. I am a creative quilter and I love to design, sew and create patterns that make me feel good. I owned a quilt shop a while back and I loved every minute of it. But, owning a quilt shop does not mean that you get to quilt and create. I NEED to create. I get itchy if I'm not creating something. Quilting is my medium. I've made everyone in my family a quilt. I've made quilts for a lot of other people, too. I had a lot of requests to make T-shirt quilts for kids graduating high school and going on to college. I've made memory quilts from a loved one's clothing. For Christmas I made stockings. I made my grandchildren Birthday Banners. I made patterns out of many of these and put them up on my website. But my collections of patterns looked very random. It finally occurred to me that all these quilt projects DO have something in common. They are all about CELEBRATING!

That was it! It was time to CELEBRATE! This year has been like waking up from a very bad dream and we are wanting to celebrate all the big and little things in life! We can start again to celebrate graduations, birthdays, holidays, just a simple family get together. These are times we cherish even more after what we have been through this past year.

Because I am SO grateful that I have my family, friends and sanity after 2020, I want to give you a little something too. If you click on the button below I you will receive the pattern for the Summer Lemon Tea Towel. And keep coming back - there is a lot more to come! Christmas Stockings, Table runners, Tea Towels, quilts and more! It's time to get back to CELEBRATING!

To you and your family - I hope all your celebrations are joyful!

Happy Quilting


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i downloaded the free pattern. It is going to look so sweet in my kitchen and also for a nice gift for someone special. I am so anxious for spring, and this little pattern shares the promise of that right around the corner. thank you so much for your generious gift to us

Feb 12
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This makes me so happy! I am looking forward to spring as well! Enjoy!

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