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Marking your Quilt

After you have carefully pieced together your beautiful quilt the realization comes that you still need to quilt it. Quilting is the second half of your project - but you’ll need to do some prep work first. If you are quilting it yourself, you’ll want to mark your quilt. There are a few things to take into consideration when marking your quilt. Here’s some help…

Marking tools

There are lots of marking tools you can use. You just need to know which one to use for what type of mark you want to make.

Hera Marker

This is a tool that doesn’t actually mark the quilt - it just makes an indentation. It is best for straight line quilting - great for marking parallel lines or crosshatching. Run a Hera Marker along side of a ruler to get the best results. You’ll only be able to see the indentations, but they will come out with use and washing.


This is a “pen” with a small wheel at the tip and chalk dust in the barrel. It comes in white, blue, pink and yellow. This works well for both straight lines and for curved lines. It isn’t too good for intricate lines though. If you want to mark the spine of a feather, this is a good option. Chalk will mostly brush away with a stiff plastic brush (and sometimes without one!) The marks can get blurred if the quilt is handled too much. If I’m using a Chalk-o-liner I like to mark as I get ready to quilt.

Clover Air Erase Pen

This is a fineline, water based marker that comes in purple only. It is mean to disappear on it’s own. However, the marks are highly sensitive to the humidity in the air. I once marked my entire quilt with one of these and the next day, when I was ready to quilt - it was all gone! I was frustrated, but realized it was the humidity in my house that was the culprit. If you expect it to take a while to quilt, this probably isn’t the right choice. If you are using it and need to get rid of the marks, spray it lightly with water and the marks will disappear.

Clover White Marker

This is meant for dark fabrics that won’t show a regular marking pen. It is actually a pen style with a white wax ink. It takes a few minutes for the ink to dry and to be able to see your mark, but it is worth the wait…you just need patience. This is especially useful on black and dark fabrics. The marks will come out when pressed.

Frixion Pen

This is a relatively new option for quilters. It is like a ball point pen with ink that will disappear with heat. It comes in various colors - red, blue, black, green. I use it when I piece as well as mark my quilts.  These are nice because they mark like a pen with a fine line and it stays put until you press it. You can find these at office supply stores and now in your local quilt store.

There are other options for marking your quilt, but these are my "Go-to's". Do you have a favorite marking tool? Let me know what works best for you. I'd love to hear the pros and cons you have found for marking your quilts!

Quilt with joy!


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Always so much great and helpful information my Friend! Really enjoy reading your blogs.

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